Tips for bride to look her best

Posted in Wedding Planning

When planning her wedding a bride must take into consideration a wide array of details and sometimes in this chaos she might forget to take care about herself in order to look wonderful at the wedding. This article offers you 12 tips for the bride to look her best and not to forget about those small details that even the most careful bride can omit.

  1. A healthy body always goes first. In spite of the fact that you might be very busy a long time before the wedding, you must eat healthy food and do exercise as often as possible in order to remain in a good shape. You should also avoid severe diets because else you risk feeling weak in the wedding day.
  2. Sleep well and eliminate stress factors. Getting enough sleep will offer you the boost of energy that you need in order to handle properly the hectic time frame related with the wedding planning. The best way to release stress is to be organized, to prioritize your activities and to take things once at a time. It is true that everything must be perfect at for the wedding day, but you also have to look great and if you are stressing too much, you will definitely not solve your affairs better.
  3. Smile! If you are happy and you smile, you will definitely look younger. Happiness also release good hormones which will help you get a healthy glow.
  4. Choose the right wedding attire. This is probably the most difficult task of your wedding planning, but if you keep a balance between your preferences and your body style, you will choose a dress that will highlight your features and will make you feel comfortable.  Remember that you have to wear it for many hours, in different poses so try to opt for a dress that is both practical and elegant.
  5. Opt for the right accessories. The wedding gown cannot be complete without the right accessories, including shoes, jewelry, make up and hairstyle. It is true that you have to stand out but try not to exaggerate so you make sure that all the details blend harmoniously.
  6. Make appointments in advance. You are not the only one who gets married in that day so make appointments and reservations beforehand in order to avoid last minute inconveniences.
  7.  Choose the same saloon for manicure and pedicure. This is practical solution that will help you run late because of the heavy traffic.
  8. Choose the same saloon for hairstyle and make up. If you can do both of them in the same place, you will avoid the stress of running from a place to another and you will save time for other activities or simply for a deep breath before the wedding ceremony.
  9. Make up and hairstyle tests. If you want to make sure that you look perfect, you should do some test before the wedding and see which make up and hairstyle fits you best.
  10. Cut your hair. You should do this with at least two weeks before the wedding and thus your hair will look healthier and more natural. Moreover, this also allows you to adjust its color if necessary. Do not forget to wash it the night before the wedding day because it will be easier to style it.
  11. Hair highlights. Since all brides want to shine on their wedding day, consider some highlights that will add a touch of clam to your hairstyle. If you have long hair, look for some hair color ideas for long hair, preferably some highlights that frame your face. Nowadays, the most popular hair color ideas for long hair consists in different types of ombres. However, we advise you to avoid this style, because it is a fleeting trend. You will be looking at your wedding photos for many years to come which is why it is best to choose a more natural, timeless hairstyle.
  12. Make facials and wax at least one week before the wedding day in order to avoid a rash.
  13. Indulge yourself with a relaxing massage. After a hectic period you definitely need and deserve a relaxing massage before the wedding day. It will help you forget about all the scurry and the stress during your wedding planning and fully enjoy your dream day.

These are 12 tips for the bride to look her best and using them you will be able to feel wonderful in the most beautiful day of your life.