Amazing Nail Designs for the Most Important Day of Your Life

Posted in Wedding Planning

When you are preparing for the most important day of your life, you must pay attention to every detail that can help you look amazing. Everyone knows how important is finding a wedding hairstyle that can match your figure, perfect bridal shoes, and a gown that can flatter your silhouette. Still, there are other aspects that must be considered in order to complete your bridal look. Your manicure must be flawless, which means that you have to choose a great bridal nail design.

Usually, brides choose to paint their nails white in order to achieve a great look for their big day. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to paint the entire surface of your nails using white polish, especially when there are so many interesting designs that can help you avoid a boring aspect. Moreover, you can even add a cheerful touch to your look by using colorful accents for your manicure.

  • Pearl nail design for a vintage bridal look

If you want your nails to match your pearl bridal accessories, we recommend you to opt for adding small white pearls to your manicure. Although the idea might seem too much, we guarantee you that you will love the results. Moreover, you don’t have to use this design for each one of your nails. You can opt for small pearls and jewels only for two of the nails of your hands. To avoid an extravagant image, you can paint your other nails in a more simpler way. However, if your bridal bouquet has pink flowers like peonies or roses, you can feel free to add some pink accents to your nails.

  • Glitter French manicure for sophisticated brides

Opting for a glitter French nail design is a great alternative to the classic French design which is not as interesting as it used to. The best thing about opting for this type of model for your nails is that it is very easy to do, so you can do it by yourself. Furthermore, you can get inspired by some nail designs from, and you can find some great bridal manicure ideas for your special day. The most important advantage is that you won’t lose any time or money on going to a beauty saloon.

  • Lacy nail design for a romantic aspect

Imagine how great it would be if you could match the design of your nails with your bridal gown. All you have to do is create a lacy pattern that you can apply on the surface of your nails. Depending on your preferences, you choose between real pieces of lace and a 3D pattern that can reflect your feminine and romantic side.