Bridesmaid Dresses

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From the many aspects you need to think about when it comes to planning a wedding, bridesmaid dresses are one of them. Just like the other elements of your wedding, bridesmaid dresses should be chosen according to the wedding color scheme. If your color scheme allows it, check out the black and white bridesmaid dresses presented bellow so that you find inspiration.

First of all, the black and white bridesmaid dresses should match the overall atmosphere and ambiance of the wedding. Remember that you can choose black and white dresses even if your color scheme is not strictly black and white. As long as this option can be successfully integrated, consider it.

For example, you can choose short black and white dresses in the A-line style with sweetheart neckline, with or without spaghetti straps. While the bodice comes in white, the skirt is black and there is a black. Wrapped around the waist there is a black and white silk sash tied in bow embellishing the skirt on its front side.

You can also opt for full length bridesmaid dresses created in the black and white color scheme. This model is completely black in the empire style, but it features white halter neck detail and white petticoat longer that the length of the black dress. Because of the small white details, you can accessorize these bridesmaid dresses with some white silk gloves.

For your bridesmaids, also consider black and white dresses created from black fabric and printed with white floral motifs or Art Nouveau motifs. This option can also be applied for gowns made of white fabric printed with black motifs. With the length ending just above the knees, these bridesmaid dresses should be created in the A-line style for a more vintage look. You can also opt for the column style of tea length black and white printed bridesmaid dresses with cap sleeves or off the shoulders.