Bridal Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Almost any young girl wishes to have long and wavy hair like a princess and almost any young girl wishes to be a beautiful bride some day. For most of them this is possible when they grow up, first of all because all brides are beautiful and, secondly, because some of them manage to grow and maintain rich, long tresses of hair. Some of the most impressive wedding hairstyles can be achieved with long hair, which is why this article aims to present some of them and offer some tips about how to choose amazing bridal hairstyles for long hair.

What’s really special about bridal hairstyles for long hair is that, besides hairpins, brooches, tiaras, flowers and all other accessories, they can be created in an infinite variety depending on the actual length, on the bride’s hairstyle, hair color and texture. However, when choosing bridal hairstyles for long hair, the brides must also consider the type of wedding they will have; not every hairstyle can be appropriate for an outdoor beach wedding, so you’ll want to ask for something more resistant and comfortable from your hairstylist. You might also want to consider changing hair color, so you can surprise and enchant everyone on your big day; the change doesn’t have to be too dramatic, you could just lighten up your existing color, add some highlights or lowlights for texture and depth. Your stylist should be able to recommend a few color ideas for long hair and together you can decide on a hairstyle that matches it as well.

One of the best bridal hairstyles for long hair that you can wear at a beach is a half-up half-down hairstyle; easy to wear, this hairstyle implies that the upper half of your hair will be back-combed, then straightened with a flat iron and gathered together in a bunch with the help of a few bobby pins or some ornate brooches. The lower half of the hair can be curled with smaller or bigger curls, and then finished off with some hairspray. Future brides must realize that they don’t need to opt for complicated hairstyles if they want to look spectacular, on the contrary, sometimes less can be more. These long wedding hairstyles can be adopted by almost all women, indifferent of their type of hair or head shape; a good, professional hair stylist knows how to adapt them to each client, so everyone is happy and down with the trends.

For example, ask your hair stylist to give you a more stylish version of the pony tail, with some loose curls and some volume, all topped off with a crown band or a tiara. The pony tail will also look good if made on one side, with the rest of the loose hair falling gently on one of the shoulders. Bridal hairstyles for long hair can look really spectacular if you find the right one for you, so, even if the wedding is such an important and special event, brides should avoid sporting a hairstyle that doesn’t really represent them. Simple, loose curls or the very popular fishtail braid are great options that look good on anyone.