Bridal Make Up Tips

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Any bride should look flawless on her wedding day. Besides all the other aspects regarding your bridal appearance, you should pay high attention your bridal make up. What other way to complete your wonderful wedding gown and accessories than with a perfect bridal make up? In order to achieve this, you should learn some useful bridal make up tips. Check out the make up tips below and prepare to look splendid on your wedding day.

A couple of months before your wedding, you might want to be more consistent with your beauty rituals. For example, you should try a diy eyelash growth serum in order to make your lashes look thicker and longer on your wedding day. You can also buy a commercial serum. Just read some reviews on and pick the best serum for your budget. You can also consider more trips to the beauty salon in order to purify your skin. Moreover, it wouldn’t hurt to give your daily makeup a break in preparation for the big event.

From the application of the foundation to the use of eyeliners, concealers, eye shadow, lop liner and lipstick, you should acknowledge that bridal make up requires more attention than the regular make up you usually wear.

Tip 1: Make sure the foundation cream matches the skin color of your face and neck. If you use a wrong nuance, lighter or darker than the right one, you will not define the natural look of your skin. Before buying the foundation cream for your bridal make up, check it on your arm skin to make sure it matches the color of your skin.

Tip 2: Clean your face and neck with a damp cloth or tissue paper so that you remove all dust particles.

Tip 3: Use a soft pad to apply the foundation so that you avoid the harsh rubbing. The gentle application will ensure a uniform applied layer of foundation on your face and neck.

Tip 4: Use concealers to hide pimples or blemishes. Make sure you use a concealer that has the same shade as the foundation.

Tip 5: Since the dress comes in a light color, for the bridal make up use an eyeliner that also has a light color. For achieving a more prominent complexion of the skin tone, use a light-colored eyelid base.

Tip 6: Choose a lipstick and lip gloss according to the style of the bridal gown. If the wedding dress has a bolder design, you can choose a red lipstick to complete the bold approach.

Tip 7: For a spectacular effect, consider some fake eyelashes. The longer and thicker your eyelashes will be, the more intense your gaze will be. Nevertheless, if you remember our tip with the diy eyelash growth serum, you may not need fake eyelashes.

Use the make up tips above and make a wonderful appearance in your wedding day!