Butterfly wedding decorations

Posted in Wedding Planning

Symbolizing joy, change and love, butterfly can be a great idea for wedding decorations, especially if the happy event takes place during spring. From wedding decorations and invitations to the wedding cake, the butterfly theme can be a great source of inspiration for having a gorgeous wedding. Not only beautiful, but also full of significance, butterfly wedding decorations can be successfully integrated in your wedding.

Each element that makes the atmosphere of the wedding is very important, so it should be carefully chosen in correspondence with the theme. Choosing butterfly wedding decorations for a spring wedding is closely related to capturing the spirit of this season, as spring itself means change, just like the symbol of the butterfly.

If you think about wedding invitations, there are a lot of ways to integrate butterfly wedding decorations so that you can decorate the wedding messages. For instance, you can use a butterfly design as the seal of the folded wedding cards, while butterflies can adorn the background of the cards.

You can also use butterfly wedding decorations for the bridal bouquet. Use plastic, colorful butterflies attached to long wires with the flowers in the bouquets. This style can be applied both to the bride and bridesmaids bouquets. As for the table centerpieces, use the same style and incorporate the butterfly theme in the floral arrangements or simply use butterfly wedding decorations as table decorative items. Do not forget to use this motif for the wedding cake, too.

Generally, you can find butterfly wedding decorations at any local bridal store. If you do a little research online, you will find some inspiring ideas about how to use this motif as decorative piece for wedding favors or other aspects regarding the wedding. Let yourself inspired by the large variety of butterfly wedding decorations and make the best choices for the big day!