Home-Made Wedding Decorations

Posted in Wedding Planning

Organizing a wedding requires a lot of hard work, many hours invested and quite some money, even for those who wish to have a smaller, more discreet wedding. One could also hire a wedding planner to help deal with caterers, florists, entertainment, venue details and so on, but not everyone affords to pay for that as well. Moreover, it can be better to be fully involved in the preparations for the wedding because that way everything will be to your liking and there won’t be any unfortunate surprises.

Those who have begun making preparations for their wedding are probably already aware that you have to start organizing at least half a year in advance, depending on how complicated matters are and how big the wedding will be. Once you’ve dealt with the more important aspects, such as renting the venue, hiring caterers and florists, reserved a day for the religious ceremony and chosen the bride and groom’s clothing, you have to deal with even more annoying and time-consuming aspects: the details. It’s all in the details, details, details, so if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want your wedding to look like, you’ll probably have a hard time.

Choosing a theme for the wedding should be one of the first decisions you have to take when starting with this endeavor, because from that decision on you can start building around the idea and slowly, but surely, create your perfect wedding. For example, if you like a summer, outdoor wedding, you can start looking for tips and advice on how to decorate a summer wedding without too much hassle and on a budget. Many couples save money by decorating their wedding receptions themselves, all with the help of a bit of skill and lots of interesting ideas from the internet. A good example is making your own wedding favors instead of ordering them ready-made. Thus, with some patience and a few meters of ribbon and lace you can make your own wedding favors, such as ribbon roses or bows, butterflies and whatever else you like.

Ribbon roses as wedding favors are quite popular nowadays and they will look especially endearing if they are home-made. Being able to make them is not that difficult either, as you can find countless video and photo tutorials on the internet, explaining it all in a few easy steps. There are countless models that you can try and, by investing in any types of ribbons you like, you can create truly unique ribbon roses for your wedding.