How to plan a vintage wedding

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Your wedding is probably one of the most important events of your life and if you are like most brides, you definitely want to have a special, unique and memorable day. The best way to ensure that it will meet all your expectations is to create a vintage wedding. Apart from the fact that it has a very romantic feel, it is also one of the hottest trends of this year. All those past eras exude a particular charm and if you and your partner share the same preferences regarding a certain era, you can definitely create an original and unforgettable event. These article is aiming to offer you important pieces of information about how to plan a vintage wedding and avoid as much as possible all the hassle related with this process so you can fully enjoy the most important day of your life.

The first step when you are planning a vintage wedding is to choose a certain era that will be the basic theme of your wedding. You should take into consideration various aspects of that specific era such as the music, clothing styles and hairstyles, food and decors and see whether or not they fit your preferences and personality. Remember that you will have to integrate representative elements in every aspect of your wedding so you have to be 100% sure that this is what you really want.

The most important thing when you plan a vintage wedding is to pay attention to details because planning it is not nearly as hard as you may have thought. There are many ways to go vintage such as choosing a a wedding dress and accessories created in a reminiscent style of the 40s or 50s or choosing a photograph able to take pictures in the same style. You can go all the way or you can simply incorporate vintage elements in order to give your wedding a sophisticated twist. Antique shops and thrift shops can offer you many items for your vintage wedding including a chic gown, a birdcage veil or other accessories.

When you think about organizing a vintage wedding, the color scheme of it can be black and white with a dash of cream or other pastel colors. In order to create a versatile environment and add more colors you can arrange various flowers on each table which will turn into the centerpieces of your tables. An interesting idea for a vintage decoration would be to use teacups for holding the flowers because they are available in many sizes and colors and they are also very chic. You can even place in them small votive candles for more ambiance. Vintage place cards and monogrammed cookies are essential for a vintage wedding because they simply add a special appearance to the tables.

Choosing a suitable venue for your vintage wedding is also highly important and if you are lucky enough, you can even have the event in a Victorian-style mansion or garden which enables you to invoke an era without impediments. In addition to this, the food will complete your wedding theme while the serving plates and serving utensils must be vintage serving pieces. All these details can make a huge difference and they can help you create a unique vintage wedding which is cohesive in its design and which will be remembered for a long time.