Ideas and suggestions for a wedding bouquet with flowers for every style

Posted in Wedding Planning

Wedding is probably the most important event of your life and the dresses, jewelry as well as the wedding bouquet are the accessories that complete this amazing day. Therefore the flowers and the arrangement must fit the wedding theme and your overall style and fortunately you have a wide selection of interesting ideas to choose from.

If you are looking for ideas and suggestions for a wedding bouquet with flowers for every style, there are many websites that welcome you with appealing options. The first one that you should consider is a simple white wedding bouquet with various flowers of different textures which are suitable for an elegant wedding. Moreover, this type of bouquet even allows you to exaggerate with the size in order to obtain a sophisticated yet stylish look.

On the other side, you can also opt for a smaller wedding bouquet with many types of flowers which is more practical, especially if you are short in stature. When it comes to flowers, the best thing you should do is to choose flowers that bloom throughout the year because it is easily to find them and they are not so expensive. If you like a certain type of flowers and you cannot find them, you can use flowers made from silk which are quite versatile and can suit many occasions and wedding themes.

One of the new trends is to use a country style wedding bouquet which can have many colors and a casual arrangement that produce an original and chic effect. Apart from this, orchids are always fashionable and available all year round and thus they are ideal for a romantic bouquet. A thing that you should always keep in mind is to not to choose flowers that are prone to drying up too easily. Moreover, if you want to keep them fresh during your entire wedding, you can use a bouquet holder.

When it comes to your wedding bouquet, another interesting thing is that you can choose flowers that have a special significance and meaning for you but you must ensure that it will not cover your bridal dress.  In order to have something that is tailored to your personality and style as well as your wedding theme you can ask the help of an experienced florist who can offer you various designs. You can opt for an interesting slightly shaped arrangement such as a teardrop or a crescent with long ribbons that trail down emphasizing the flow of the flowers if you are looking for something original and representative.

Another idea would be to use popular flowers such as orchids, calla lilies, camellias or gardenias and accent them with luxurious satin, velvet or more ribbons. With respect to this matter, a thing that you should keep in mind is to avoid flowers such as gerbera daisies and gingham bows because they have that type of cute flavor that simply doesn’t match an elegant wedding. However, you can find many ideas and suggestions for a wedding bouquet with flowers for every style and whether you choose a colorful or a rural, a simple or a sophisticated wedding bouquet, make sure that the choice is very personal and it completes the wonderful picture of your perfect wedding.