Ideas for a wedding after party

Posted in Wedding Planning

Apart from being a ceremony with a deep meaning, a wedding is also a very fun event and most of the couples choose to have additional parties in the days and weeks following their weddings. This is a great opportunity to spend more time with the loved ones and celebrate with them the beginning of a new stage of your life. A wedding after party has something very romantic and appealing because there are many wonderful things that you could do at night in order to enjoy a memorable event.

If you are looking for original ideas for a wedding after party, you can take advantage of many sources of information and design a wonderful party following the main dinner reception. This will be the ideal gateway that will relieve all the stress related with the wedding formalities and it will allow you to spend time with your close friends and family members. Yet the wedding after party should be designed according to the wedding scheme. Most of the wedding venues also have an additional intimate space which is perfect for the brunch following the wedding because it allows you to keep things more organized and to gather your guests at a time that is convenient for them. Another thing that you could do is to opt for a buffet because it is much more informal and less expensive. Apart from this, your guests will be more than pleased to have the opportunity to chat with you in a more relaxed setting.

If you are looking for something more elegant, you can arrange a wonderful candlelit marriage ceremony at nightfall. This will allow you to enjoy a romantic atmosphere and you and your groom will look simply stunning at the flickering candlelight. Moreover, you can get the most out of the opportunity of having a wedding after party and opt for a wedding dinner under the stars. It would be incredible to have dinner outside in a vineyard or poolside at a hotel. This option also suits beach weddings allowing you to enjoy the ocean breeze and if you hire a band for the dinner followed by a dj for the late night dancing, everything will be just perfect.

However, after you define your ideas for a wedding after party, you must decide exactly who are you going to invite. Apart from your close friends and family, you should also include a few extra people who are willing to attend the party and you could spread the word about it during the cake cutting ceremony. The bachelor/bachelorette parties as well as the rehearsal dinner are also perfect occasions to announce the wedding after party. Yet nowadays, more and more couples choose send invitations for this informal event and they also extend invitations to those they couldn’t invite to the wedding reception. Remember that this is also a special event and you probably want to meet as many of your dear friends as possible. Using many innovative ideas for a wedding after party will allow you to create a very special event and have the wonderful wedding that no one will forget.