Wedding Decor Colors

Posted in Wedding Planning

In order to have the wedding of your dreams you must find the perfect venue and choose carefully the color scheme that can help you create a stunning wedding picture. There are many things to consider when choosing your wedding décor colors but if you envision everything right, you will definitely that beautiful wedding that all the guests will remember with pleasure.

The array of bridal magazines and the internet can provide you interesting ideas for selecting your wedding decor colors but the thing that you should always keep in mind is that everything depends on the location. If you choose a venue that is very neutral in style, it will be lot easier to include your preferred color scheme. However, wedding décor colors must come together harmoniously and thus they require lots of planning and you must follow certain rules that will enable you to create something special.

Once you choose the reception venue you should established exactly what kind of linen is suitable for it and based on this you can go for a certain color palette. Most of the people choose three main colors which work together to create a harmonious look. White, black and ivory are colors that you should add to your palette using one of them as a base for chair and table covers. You can use strong colors as accents for the ribbons of the wedding favors, the sash on the chair cover or the printing on the wedding invitations. You can opt for a third color included somewhere in between the two of the main colors and use it in the centerpiece, the menu or other elements placed on the table.

When you opt for certain wedding décor colors you must also consider the bridesmaids dresses which must be chosen accordingly. Moreover, the time frame in which the wedding takes place is highly important because it is recommended to juggle with colors that can be found outside in nature. This will have a stronger impact and will offer a sense of unity to the whole wedding picture. Apart from this, a harmonious color scheme and a consistent theme will enable you to have stunning pictures. With respect to this aspect, there is always a strong connection between the wedding theme and the decor colors and this is something that you have to keep in mind throughout the entire wedding planning.

You can get innovative ideas for selecting your wedding decor colors from endless sources but you must be careful and not exaggerate. Keep a balance between all the elements and the colors that you use and remember that this is your wedding and you are allowed to let your imagination run wild and use elements that are tailored to your preferences and tastes. However, irrespective of the wedding décor colors and the wedding theme, remember that flowers are important details that can make the difference and they should complement the environment improving the overall look of the wedding. It is not always easy to create the right décor but it is worth all your efforts and attention when it comes to turn a dream into reality.