Ivory Wedding Shoes

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Ivory is one of the most symbolical materials due to its long and complex history and its multiple uses in our society. Made from the tusks and teeth of animals, especially from elephants, ivory is a precious material used in the construction and decoration of high-quality products. Its reputation is heightened by the fact that ivory trade is controversial; this is because large quantities of what is commercialized were obtained through poaching. These and many other aspects regarding the existence of ivory have created this aura of mystery and preciousness around the material; perhaps this is why we love to use the term to describe other things as well. Ivory wedding shoes, but ivory wedding dresses or ivory pearl necklaces are expressions that you can hear quite often.

So why do so many women like to opt for ivory wedding shoes? The answer lies only with them; what we can decide with certainty is that the color ivory has something melancholic and rather romantic about it, like a vintage white that can only be found among grandma’s things. In this article we’ll tell you all you need to know about ivory shoes. However, all you need to know about them is that they look spectacular and are among the most beautiful nuances of white you can opt for in regards to your wedding outfit.

If you decide to wear ivory wedding shoes on the special day, you should be happy to hear that there is no shortage of models and cuts. Any self-respecting bridal store should own ivory-colored items, whether they’re shoes, gloves, dresses or decorations. Ivory is a pretentious color, quite royal one might add, so you need to make sure you accessorize well and that you match your colors. Ivory is also a discreet, refined and graceful color, which means that accessorizing will not be easy. We advise you to ask for the help of a stylist or designer if you want to purchase ivory wedding shoes, especially because a cheap imitation will look all the more like an imitation with this material.

Like we mentioned before, you also have to be careful when combining other elements of your outfit with ivory wedding shoes, especially the dress. Since ivory suggests fin de siècle, romanticism and glamour, a satin dress would perhaps look particularly fitting with this type of shoe. All in all, ivory wedding shoes are a great accessory that will make every bride feel and look like a princess.