Extravagant Wedding Jewelry

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Any bride wants to have a perfect wedding, a special day when everything is about celebrating beauty and love. In achieving this, extravagant wedding jewelry can be the best choice to wonderfully embellish the bridal look in a unique way. Besides spending a lot of money on this type of wedding jewelry, you will also […]

Fingerless bridal gloves

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Most brides don`t want to wear bridal gloves because they would have to take the glove out when putting the wedding ring on. Brides who do agree to wear gloves generally put their wedding ring on top of the glove, but it is not considered a nice gesture on their behalf. When the big moment […]

Badgley Mischka Bridal Shoes

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The elaborate design of Badgley Mischka bridal shoes is unmistakable, as their unique style comes from the ultimate combination between impeccable craftsmanship, exquisite taste of fashion and the use of the finest fabrics. A pair of Badgley Mischka bridal shoes are the perfect choice when you want to wear wonderful wedding footwear created in the […]

Wedding Decor Colors

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In order to have the wedding of your dreams you must find the perfect venue and choose carefully the color scheme that can help you create a stunning wedding picture. There are many things to consider when choosing your wedding décor colors but if you envision everything right, you will definitely that beautiful wedding that […]

Gifts for a fabulous wedding

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When it comes to their own wedding people are trying to be as creative and original as possible in order to offer to their guests a memorable experience. There is already a tradition that in order to mark this event you must the bride and the groom must offer to their guests wedding favors or […]

Wedding invitations

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If you are getting married soon then you need to take care of many details in order to have a perfect wedding day. You want to help your guests fell wonderful and your preoccupation for them starts with sending a tempting wedding invitation that will make them eager to attend the event. These invitations virtually […]

Save money on your wedding

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Weddings are probably some of the most important events of a lifetime because they symbolize the union between two people who love each other. Unfortunately most of the time the wedding expenses must fall within a certain budget but given the competitiveness between companies that operate in this industry, the young couple has good chances […]

Tips for bride to look her best

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When planning her wedding a bride must take into consideration a wide array of details and sometimes in this chaos she might forget to take care about herself in order to look wonderful at the wedding. This article offers you 12 tips for the bride to look her best and not to forget about those […]

Dresses for your body style

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Every bride dreams about her wonderful wedding and the perfect wedding dress is an important element of this dream. Thus they all spend a long time looking for perfect wedding dresses but they are not aware of the fact that in order to ease the entire process they can simply look at dress designers instead […]

Top bridal shoe trends for 2012

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A bride who wants to look perfect for her wedding day must also pay increased attention to accessories and bridal shoes are by far the most important of them because they set off the entire outfit, irrespective of the style. Apart from the fact that these shoes must compliment the dress, they must also be […]

Wedding traditions and superstitions

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Weddings are the events that have a significant number of custom, traditions and rituals involved in them, each of them with its own meaning and significance. Many of these wedding traditions and superstitions virtually enrich the culture of a country and most of them date back hundreds years ago. They have evolved around for centuries […]

Ideas for a wedding after party

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Apart from being a ceremony with a deep meaning, a wedding is also a very fun event and most of the couples choose to have additional parties in the days and weeks following their weddings. This is a great opportunity to spend more time with the loved ones and celebrate with them the beginning of […]

Wedding trends for 2012

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Wedding trends for 2012 have just been launched providing an idea about what you should expect to see in stores when shopping for wedding attires, accessories, hairstyles, wedding cakes and more. The interesting part is that you can see a continuity of some of the most appealing trends of 2011 but also many innovative ideas […]

Spring Wedding Ideas

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Spring is a time of rebirth and probably the best time to celebrate a wedding which will definitely be as gorgeous as the weather. In the same train of thoughts you should opt for an outdoor spring wedding with a decor embellished with flowers blossoming and the sun making its way back after a long […]

Wedding messages

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Weddings are by far some of the biggest celebrations that you will attend during a lifetime and they are sprinkled with goodwill messages that the guests offer to the young couple. The wedding toast is probably the perfect moment to offer wedding messages and add a personal touch to the entire reception and thus these […]

Winter Wedding Ideas

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Having a winter wedding is an interesting idea because it allows you to be as versatile as you want on your wedding day and there is a wide array of themes that can be implemented only during the winter season. This is your moment to create something unique and even extravagant that works great with […]

Wedding cake: ideas and trends

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Your wedding reception is a highly important aspect of your wedding and the wedding cake is by far the “superstar” because it sets the tone for the party and this can range from traditional to sophisticated and ultra-modern. If you are willing to add a modern touch to your reception you should browse through the […]

14 tips to plan a wedding from afar

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The process of planning a wedding from afar can be overwhelming because there are many things you have to take care and many details that you must not forget and the fact that you are planning it from far away can be very stressful. Therefore this article will offer you some of the most important […]

How to plan a vintage wedding

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Your wedding is probably one of the most important events of your life and if you are like most brides, you definitely want to have a special, unique and memorable day. The best way to ensure that it will meet all your expectations is to create a vintage wedding. Apart from the fact that it […]