First home after the wedding

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Setting up a home together after the wedding is one of the most exciting things, although it can also be stressful and require lots of time and energy. Either you buy a new place or renovate an existing house, you will have to figure out what you need and where everything goes. Choosing quality items with a longer lifespan may seem expensive, but it can prove to be a smart economical decision.

Share ideas
Each person is drawn to a different style and often couples doesn’t share the same preferences. Maybe she wants a bookcase and he is making plans for a game room. The solution is to start with the basics and then decide later what to do with the extra room. The couple must accept that rather than a “my” zone, their home is an “our” zone.

Visualize your home
An important step is to sit down with your partner and imagine how your future home is going to be like. You can use design magazines as a source of inspiration for picking a theme. Tear out the pages you both like and pin them on a board. This will help you visualize how your house will actually look. Try different combinations until you find something that seems right. Take into consideration future plans like children or animals.

Make a list
Sit down with your partner and make a list with the things you have and the things that are most urgent, like a bed or a hair dryer. You can purchase additional items later from Home Click which offers a wide selection of appliance and furniture that will make your home shine. Calculate the costs and make a financial plan so you know exactly how much you have to invest.

Don’t panic if you don’t find the right household items and be flexible about the preferences of your partner. Even if you have different perspectives, you can work together and reach common ground. Compromising does not make your weak, it is a sign that you have a strong relationship and accept one another. For example, the bride might agree to keep her stuffed animals off the bed if the groom gives away his neon painting.

How does your new home feel?
The first night in your new house is memorable event. Plan something special for the both of you, maybe a homemade dinner that will give you a feel of your home. You can rearrange the furniture and decorate with pictures of loved ones or other personal objects.