Spring Wedding Ideas

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Spring is a time of rebirth and probably the best time to celebrate a wedding which will definitely be as gorgeous as the weather. In the same train of thoughts you should opt for an outdoor spring wedding with a decor embellished with flowers blossoming and the sun making its way back after a long period of cold and numbness. This is by far the most romantic time frame and it can be used as a basic theme for a wedding.

If you are looking for spring wedding ideas, you should keep in mind that this type of wedding is very feminine, full of pastel colors and nice flowers. You can create a very romantic atmosphere using colors such as pink, lilac, green, yellow or blue and a multitude of details with floral prints. It is almost a rule to avoid dark colors and heavy fabrics and if the weather allows you, the wedding ceremony should be held in a garden full of flowers. Yet you still have many other interesting options if the flowers and pastel colors are not representative for your style. You can browse through the variety of bridal magazines or you can search the web and find some amazing ideas for a modern spring wedding design.

When it comes to a spring wedding, pink is probably the most popular color which can be easily used for the most important details of a wedding including the wedding favors, the ornaments on the table, invitations and even the wedding gown. Light green and yellow styles, as well as sky blue and dark blue styles are also very appealing options for an elegant ceremony and a classy reception. Tulips are probably the most popular flowers for a wedding in spring given that they are both romantic and versatile and thus they can be easily used for a modern or a traditional spring wedding. Using spring colors with a modern twist and various elements such as artificial butterflies and dragonflies will allow you to create an original wedding design and will make the festivity more energetic and cheerful.

When you consider spring wedding ideas you should try to create a cohesive theme with details that complement each other and form a uniform overall picture. You can opt for invitations with polka dots and stripes and go beyond the traditional floral prints while your floral decoration could include vibrant colored flowers mixed with aromatic herbs. The bride bouquet can encompass flowers in bright and well-defined colors such as fuchsia pink anemones or French tulips in a variety of pinks and purples. Apart from this, you can opt for miniature cupcakes filled with fruits and covered with colored cream fondant and your wedding menu should definitely include platters of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.

An important thing that you should keep in mind when you plan a spring wedding is that if you plan a wedding ceremony in a church, you can coordinate its theme with their Easter decorations which can be very convenient for you. However, irrespective of your preferences, remember that spring is a time of renewal and rebirth as well as the most convenient time frame to get married and thus you should exploit this opportunity as much as possible and create a stunning spring wedding that will be remembered for years.