The Elegant Bride with Wedding Bolero

Posted in Wedding Dresses & Gowns

One of the most important aspects of a wedding is the wedding dress. In choosing the bridal gown, there are many factors to take into account such as your personality, style, fashion taste, but also the weather. If the big day takes place in a colder season, you should consider opting for a wedding bolero with your sleeveless wedding gown. The elegant bride with wedding bolero is a definitely a winning match.

Most brides do not think about wearing a wedding bolero because their wedding is in the middle of the summer season, so there is a low probability for the weather to be cold. Still, a sudden cold rain can still fall from the sky and make the air chiller. In this case, a wedding bolero can be a great solution, so make sure you buy one, as you never know how weather would be.

With the large variety of wedding boleros available, you will surely find one that perfectly suits your bridal gown. Before searching the websites for a wonderful weeding bolero, decide what type is the most suitable for your overall bridal appearance. Generally, you will come across the following styles regarding wedding boleros:

  • The elegant wedding bolero created from thick warmer satin featuring ¾ sleeves and high collar. This style generally comes in white and ivory colors.
  • The wedding bolero jacket created from chiffon and featuring full length sleeve. This wedding bolero jacket usually comes in white and ivory colors.
  • The modern wedding bolero made of taffeta featuring crumpled sleeves and modern collar. Just like the other bridal boleros, this style usually comes in white and ivory colors.
  • The wedding bolero made in the butterfly style features short sleeves made of chiffon and comes in white and ivory colors.