The Nicole Richie Wedding Dress

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The Nicole Richie wedding dress impressed everyone with its fairytale aspect. Before she got married, Nicole said there are two things that will make her happy on her wedding day. Having a show-stopper gown inspired by the wedding dress that Grace Kelly wore at her wedding was one of them.

If you wonder what the second thing Nicole Richie wished for on her wedding day was, you have to know that the superstitious star wanted a real live elephant. It is considered that elephants bring good luck, so that is the reason why the bride opted for this choice.

The reality star and her fiancé tied the knot in an intimate ceremony that took place at her father’s house. Lionel Richie provided all the space his daughter needed in order to have the wedding of her dreams. Her puffy gown really matched the theme of the wedding, as Nicole got married under a tent that was adjusted to resemble a French garden. So, the Nicole Richie wedding dress looked like it was just another blossomed flower from the garden. It was made from more than one hundred yards of silk and tulle petals, and it was designed by the fashion house Marchesa.

However, the ball-gown skirt is not the only thing that impressed the 150 guests who attended the ceremony, because Nicole Richie wore three different gowns on her wedding day. That is how she surprised everyone with some sophisticated and refined outfits. Furthermore, she considered it was important to involve her children in the wedding, so she asked her two years old daughter to be the flower girl, while her one year old son was the ring bearer. In our opinion, that is what really added a special touch to the whole event.

You can be confident that the Nicole Richie wedding dress was fabulous, but in the end her kids were the ones who attracted all the guests’ sympathy. After all, a beautiful and happy family is all that matters, and that is what the reality star managed to highlight by involving her kids in the ceremony.

Joe Madden, who was the groom, wore only one tuxedo, but that didn’t stop him from having a good time. He declared during one interview that he had the best time of his life, so there is no need for other words to describe the atmosphere that people enjoyed during the wedding.

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