Unique Groomsmen Gifts

Posted in Wedding Planning

   Just because weddings are supposed to be a girl’s best day, it doesn’t mean that the groom can’t have a lot of fun or be just as important as the bride. After all, it’s their day, their first day of being truly together, never to be separated again. There have been countless articles, books and magazines instructing women on how to have the best weeding, the most beautiful dress and other helpful advice; but what about the groom and his groomsmen?

Just because they’re men it doesn’t mean they can’t be spoiled on a wedding day. If bridesmaids are a much needed help for the bride, so are the groomsmen for the groom, which is why some grooms may choose to reward them. For this, we’ve searched for some unique groomsmen gifts that you can thank your friends with. Since most groomsmen are usually best friends of the groom, it’s important you show them your appreciation for representing you on this most important day, your wedding, so finding some really good presents might prove difficult.

Some of the unique groomsmen gifts we found were personalized items that they can keep as memories and souvenirs of the wedding. Take for example the custom groomsmen color flasks. These unique groomsmen gifts are both manly objects and sentimental reminders. You can put your own message there, like an inside joke or simply the date and each person’s name. Other unique groomsmen gifts that we really enjoyed were the Leather Groomsmen’s Box, an elegant and chic object that you can accessorize with some cufflinks, a watch or a pair of sunglasses that the best man can wear at the wedding.

Since you and the guys probably love your sports nights or poker meetings, barware can make really unique groomsmen gifts. We found some really cool Bar ‘n Pub glass sets, Beer Flight Samplers, customized bottle openers and a really interesting Half Yard Ale Glass with Stand that you can personalize. You can buy a set of pints and coasters and personalize them so that every groomsman can have his own next time you guys meet for some party time. This will ensure you are the champion of unique groomsmen gifts, as they’re sure to appreciate the gesture.

If your groomsmen are a bit more pretentious and classy, you can impress them with some golfing accessories, like a special Golfers Keychain or a Golf Ball Money Clip. There are many other accessories for golf lovers, like the Personalized Executive Putter Set, the Personalized State Quarter Ball Marker or the Golf Tool Flask.