Wedding cake: ideas and trends

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Your wedding reception is a highly important aspect of your wedding and the wedding cake is by far the “superstar” because it sets the tone for the party and this can range from traditional to sophisticated and ultra-modern. If you are willing to add a modern touch to your reception you should browse through the wide variety of ideas and choose something that can keep your festivity updated.

A simple Google search regarding Wedding cake: ideas and trends will provide numerous results and if you want to see something else, you can browse newsworthy bridal magazines that showcase dozens of designs of tempting cakes. Your wedding cake may feature various geometric shapes and patterns or it can be uniquely shaped with an innovative design. It may encompass representative elements of the couple, common passions and interests and many others. The more you personalize your cake, the more you are ensured that no one else will copy it at another wedding.

After you decide for your wedding theme, you can opt for the wedding cake that suits it best. You can ask the help of a professional baker to design and then execute a masterpiece. Of course, there is nothing wrong about a simple, a little old fashioned cake, yet you should let your imagination run wild and look for new flavors, styles and choices for your special event. Try to let tradition behind and go with the flow picking a cake that represents you and your groom and creates a pleasant surprise to guests.

The first thing that you have to keep in mind when it comes to wedding cake: ideas and trends is that instead of the traditional cake, now you can opt for cupcakes which allow you to have different types of cakes with various kinds of frosting and which are also more affordable. Instead of the sweet and fattening icings you can opt for toppings which are much healthier and season them with various fruits. This type of cake will great taste and it will have a wonderful decoration. You can even opt for a cheesecake instead of a traditional one which is classy and elegant but unfortunately, it is also a bit expensive. Moreover, there is a wide range of toppings and favors to choose from in order to be original.

Another appealing trend regarding a modern wedding cake is using pink, blue, pistachio, lilac and cream icings to decorate it or even satin ribbons and flowers of many colors reminding of a spring party. You can even use fresh flowers for an original adornment because they offer a very elegant and artistic allure. Apart from this, the chocolate cake is by far the most popular but now you can use chocolate as a surprise ingredient. You can opt for a cake with an inside made entirely from chocolate while on the outside it is covered by a pistachio or colored frosting.

However, choosing your wedding cake is quite tricky but if you find an experienced designer who can understand your requirements and turn your ideas into your dream cake, you will have something original and delicious that all guests will remember with pleasure.