Wedding Planning Checklist

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Organizing a wedding can be a big hassle, especially if you do it without the help of a professional wedding planner. There are so many details to deal with, that one can get to feel overwhelmed and risk omitting other important aspects. A good wedding is like a clockwork machine: if one tiny detail isn’t sorted everything else can fall apart and the event is ruined. Imagine forgetting to place the cake order on time; what is a wedding without a cake? Everyone will be disappointed, the bride and groom especially.

This is why smarter people decided to create the wedding planning checklist, which is especially designed for people who need to organize their own weddings without it resulting in something with amateur valences. In this article we’ll advise you how to make your own wedding planning checklist. You will see that everything is so much simpler and easier once you know the steps you must follow and the order in which issues must be resolved. Moreover, those interested will be able to find numerous wedding planning checklist templates that they can simply adapt to their own needs and preferences.

The first thing you need to do is create a notebook, scrapbook or computer file where all the details of your organizational obligations will be inserted. That way, every time you need to know what to do next, you just open the file and get back on track. No wedding planning checklist is viable without a budget, so be sure to attribute each issue a certain amount of money that you can afford; this will prevent you from over-spending and will allow you to move sums around where it is possible. Most people can’t afford to pay for their entire wedding upfront, so this is the point where you will have to consider wedding financing options. If you are a homeowner, a home equity line of credit can be an excellent way to finance a wedding because, as the loan professionals at BB&T explain, “it lets you borrow the money when you need it.” So, even if you should run into a situation that requires straying from your budget, you will have money available. Once you get these details sorted out, start thinking about the type of wedding you wish to have. Choosing a theme is vital because you will have to take a lot of future decisions based on that choice.

The next important item on your wedding planning checklist is your guest list; decide who’s coming and who isn’t, then start looking for venues. Now you know an approximate number of people who will be attending the wedding reception and you can choose your wedding venue accordingly. Search for florists, caterers, book an officiant if you want a religious ceremony, find photographers, a band or a DJ to deal with the music and start looking for that gorgeous wedding dress. For more details on a comprehensive wedding planning checklist, search the internet, as there are many bridal websites dedicated to helping you.