Wedding traditions and superstitions

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Weddings are the events that have a significant number of custom, traditions and rituals involved in them, each of them with its own meaning and significance. Many of these wedding traditions and superstitions virtually enrich the culture of a country and most of them date back hundreds years ago. They have evolved around for centuries and they mainly represent ways to ensure good luck, wealth, happiness and fertility for the young couple so if you are planning to get married soon, you should definitely be aware of all the custom and traditions in your country in order to act accordingly.

Most of the wedding traditions and superstitions are related with the wedding day, ranging from the bride’s attire and continuing with all the other important elements such as the rings, the cake, the bells and so on. According to the tradition, the wedding dresses must be white because this color represents the virginity and a bride should be pure and virtuous. Dresses are completed by white veils which protects the brides from being identified by evil spirits and which also hide their faces until the grooms are allowed to give them the first kiss.

Yet nowadays is very common to choose a wedding dress with a different color than white but you should know that green represents promiscuity and you probably will think twice before choosing this color. Apart from this, the bride should also wear something old, new, borrowed and of course, something that is blue as well as a handkerchief to collect the tears in the weeding day which are considered to be lucky. A coin must be hidden in the shoe of the bride to ensure financial wealth for the young couple. Last but not least, the wedding bouquet is also very significant and people believe that the one that catches it will be the one that marries first.

When it comes to wedding traditions and superstitions, there are several that surround the wedding rings too. It must be placed on the right finger because its vein goes straight to the heart and thus the ring symbolize the endless love and the promise that the couple will stay together forever and ever. One the other side, the engagement ring proves the honest intentions of the groom and the commitment between the two lovers. The wedding cake is probably one of wedding traditions and superstitions with an interesting history.

In the past, the wedding guests used to broke a slice of cake in the head of the bride to ensure her fertility and later they used to bring cakes as gifts which were piled up for the couple to kiss over. People believed that whoever hand is at the top when cutting the cake will rule the marriage. Today, the young couple must cut the first slice together in order to have a lifetime full of joy and the single women also must take a slice at home and hide it under the pillow in order to dream with the men they will marry.

Wedding bells complete the list of wedding traditions and superstitions given that people still believe that the noise of the bells chase away evil spirits and similar noise are also issued during the wedding party for the same reason. There are also several superstitions related with the wedding night such as the fact that people believe that the first person who falls asleep will be the first to die and that trowing rice and flowers at the young couple ensures them fertility.

However, there are many other wedding traditions and superstitions which make the wedding much more interesting and whether you want it or not, at your own wedding you will definitely have to take them into consideration.