Winter Wedding Ideas

Posted in Wedding Planning

Having a winter wedding is an interesting idea because it allows you to be as versatile as you want on your wedding day and there is a wide array of themes that can be implemented only during the winter season. This is your moment to create something unique and even extravagant that works great with your style and personality but you should keep in mind you also must create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests given that winter usually is associated with cold and frost.

Probably the trickiest aspect when it comes to a winter wedding is to choose the right color scheme because pastels and bright sunny colors do not fit well the snow falling outside. One of the most popular color schemes is the “winter wonderland” palette which usually suits a traditional wedding with many white silk and satin details. If you choose a classy snowing theme, you can add a modern twist with some shades of icy blue which works great for wedding invitations, favors, decorations and even your bridal dress. Deeper colors like burgundy and chocolate are also very appealing and can easily be combined with cream and gold. On the other side, you should avoid deep red shades because this is the most popular color during this time frame of the year and it is also associated with Christmas. If you are looking for something original, you should go for neutral colors such as mocha, olive and camel and even deep purples which are the perfect alternative to create a warm wedding theme. A black and white theme is original and creates an elegant and sophisticated look, as long as you keep a balance and you do not transform the wedding into an Adams family movie.

Taking into consideration that during the winter months days are short, dark and cold, you should illuminate the reception venue with crystals and candles and also opt for a location with a large fireplace surrounded by comfortable chairs and sofas. The reception hall should be decorated with seasonal floral arrangements made from gardenias, lily of the valley, buttercups, daisies, and poinsettia and of course, mistletoe and pine tree. If you want something less traditional and sophisticated, you could use white orchids and white roses which remind of the snowflakes outside. Interesting winter wedding ideas enable you to create unique wedding favors which can include small cookies with apple and cinnamon, miniature bottles of chocolate liquor or champagne, chocolate truffles or if the budget allows you, you can choose warm and colorful scarves which will be highly appreciated by your guests. When it comes to the wedding cake, the most tempting option is definitely a rich chocolate cake which can be decorated with white  chocolate snowflakes that remind of the snowing from outside. The menu is also a very important element of a winter wedding because it should definitely be warm and spicy and the cups with hot chocolate and Irish coffee are indispensable.

A winter wedding must definitely enable the guests to feel welcome through every detail, from the wedding invitations and favors, to the decoration, menu and of course, music. Remember that irrespective of the wedding color scheme and theme that you choose, you must enjoy your wedding planning as much as possible and design a stunning wedding.